About us

Our Story

Here's a glimpse into who we are, how we created Magic Paper Labs, and why we love creating fun experiences for everyone:)

How it all started

Our story began several years back when we discovered the power of augmented reality and it blew our minds 🤯. We saw the magical power of AR to fundamentally change how people can create, experience, and share content.

There is perhaps no better gift than to unleash people's powers of expression and creativity.

As a team of builders, designers, coders, and filmmakers, we fell in love with the opportunity to turn 'paper' into a 'platform', enabling physical items, from cards to apparel to photobooks, to finally come alive.

Since then we've been imagining, building, and sharing Magic Paper Labs concepts, and we've been so overwhelmed with positive feedback and requests, we decided to turn it into a startup. And here we are:)

Let Your Imagination Run Wild