How It Works

Take a look below and we'll show you how our augmented reality technology works to make our interactive AR video cards come to life with your phone or tablet!

Step 1

Scan The Magic Greetings™ QR

Using your smartphone or tablet's camera, scan the QR code on your Magic Greetings™ card and click the link that pops up to launch the Magic Greetings™ experience.

Need help with scanning a QR code? Click here. As an alternative you can always type in the website link printed on your card.

Step 2

Launch The Experience

Press the launch button. Hit 'Allow' when prompted by your phone for your camera and gyroscope access.

Step 3

Hover To Make The Card Alive

Hover your phone's camera over the front of the card to see it come to life!

Need Help?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for the fastest answers to your questions. Or feel free to get in contact with us and we'd be happy to help you!

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