Need Help For Your Android Device?

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Having issues using or launching a Magic Greetings card?

We're sorry you're experiencing that! However, don't worry, we should be able to fix your issue in some very quick steps!

Here below is a list of the most common issues. Find the picture that looks most like your issue and follow the steps to fix it. It's usually just a simple setting on your device.

Camera Permissions

Stuck on "Reload" Screen


Reason: Camera permissions are set incorrectly

Step 1

Tap the "controls" icon in Chrome

Step 2

Tap on "Permissions"

Step3: Which screen do you see?

Camera Blocked

The toggle is off and the screen says "Camera Blocked"

android settings

"Turn on permissions for Chrome in Android Settings"

Camera Blocked

Tap the switch to allow Camera

Reload the page!

Turn on permissions for Chrome in Android Settings

STEP 1: Tap the words "Android Settings" to go to the settings

STEP 2: Tap the word "Permissions"

STEP 3: Tap the word "Camera"

STEP 4: Tap "Allow only while using the app"

This will enable web pages to use the camera in Chrome

STEP 5: Tap the "Back" Arrow

STEP 6: Tap the back arrow a 2nd time

STEP 7: Tap the back arrow a 3rd time

STEP 8: Reload and enjoy!